Friday, November 4, 2011

Art Gallery

Hey everyone, so with this idea of an art gallery of Shakespeare art I have had a lot of ideas ruminating in my mind. I'm looking forward to the feedback and communication to refine this undertaking.

Basically the idea that I was thinking is that we have enough people in the class who are interested in art, that we could get together and come up with enough works to display it in a gallery. Even if you don't feel like you are a good artist in any way I'm sure you can come with something, especially with the groups powers combined!  This could be a good moment for all of us to learn how to make art together all in the context of thinking critically about Shakespeare and how to analyze his works and do enough justice to them.

One thing we might want to do is get a theme put together or ideas of how we will organize this. That way we can go to a gallery with a solid proposal and a strong portfolio of work rather than a maybe theory hopefully thing.

There are art galleries everywhere, I just checked out the one in the Provo Library and that may be a place to look at. If we really look for a place I'm confident we will be accepted somewhere, the biggest thing against us will be preference. Most schools or galleries give preference to art students or professionals more than a Shakespeare class.

HOWEVER, this might be a great connector piece to Cassandra's wonderful education idea. Schools. What local public school would not be overjoyed to have an exhibit like this. English teachers would love it.

Anyway, lots of ideas. Needs refining, lets get collaborating!


  1. I am really liking this idea. I've been wanting to put art and Shakespeare together but haven't found an idea or theme or something to base it on yet, so thanks for getting this group together. I think you're right and the group would need an overall theme or prompt(art starting from nothing is kind of hard to start at all). I also think it would be easier for us to actually get a show into a high school, and then there's our whole class display thing we'll also need to show it at. I'll probably make a post about this on my blog with more ideas.

  2. Could this have an online, digital porfolio or exhibit component? Then it could last beyond the prospective gallery time. I would like to hear how you could tie this proposal to Cassandra's education concept. In that case, hosting it at a school would be great.

  3. Like deviantart for an online gallery? That kind of thing?

  4. I really like the idea of a digital portfolio...maybe we can have an art show in person, and have it all up on a website. I'm not sure what the best option for this would be (blog, website, flickr, facebook, etc.) but it would be neat to be able to reach to a wider online audience with our art. I am working on a post to tie our two concepts together...I think this all has awesome potential.