Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hamlet, The Original Emo

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark. This is my favorite of Shakespeare plays. My favorite thing about the play is it's namesake, Hamlet himself. Oh dramatic, depressed, distraught, doubting Hamlet. Such a complex character. One moment willing to slay his friends lest they hinder him from speaking with the ghost of his dead father, the next too cowardly to confront his murdurous uncle about his crime.

Hamlet is one of those people who doesn't even know themself. He seems almost a dual personality, the deep and depressed thinker, and the coach, "speeching" himself into frenzies of emotion. I love his character, he is the original emo. I'm not emo myself, but I love that Hamlet is. Dressed in black, somber faced, depressed, poetically dark. In thinking of Hamelt and his person I was inspired to....write a poem.

My Dear Dark Things

My dear dark things
Who love to rip
At my heartstrings
And make me shout
Blood-curling screams
As you torment
Me in my dreams,

Please, won't you just
Stop hurting me.
Quell your dark lust,
And hear my plea.

I wear your sable on my skin
I cannot feel dark as sin
Someday I want this ache to end
Without pain as my only friend
And so this message I must send

My Darkest Things
I keep within
I cannot keep you
Close as kin
One day this battle
I will win
And cast you out
As light doth sin

But 'til that day
I will succumb
I feel my mind
Is going numb

As I give in
To blackest dreams
And ponder on
My Dear Dark Things

-Mason Bennett


  1. Ok I read this last week and I just wanted to say props to you for writing a legit emo poem inspired by Shakespeare's Hamlet. Also, thank you for using alliteration, it's one of my favorite speech/writing tools.

  2. It's just almost humorous to me how dramatic and dark Hamlet is, just like the Emo stereotype. You just want to tell Hamlet to calm down sometimes.

  3. Dude I need you to put more of your poems on here!