Monday, October 24, 2011

Sketching Shakespeare: The Tempest Act One Scene One

"Hell is empty, and all the devils are here" 
Act 1 Scene 2

Continuing my quest to make a sketch for every scene of Shakespeare I turn to The Tempest. Inspired by Jackson Pollock and his painting I mentioned before, I decided to get my "Pollock" on and try out a painting like his. It isn't about the drowning after the tempest, but of the storm itself. I tried to portray the feeling of a heavy storm full of pouring rain, wind, crashing bright lightning bolts and the danger or death. Here is the first image of sketching the Tempest, the rest are all still in the very preliminary sketch stage.

Act 1 Scene 1
Now would I give a thousand furlongs of a sea for an
acre of barren ground, long heath, brown furze, any
thing. The will above be done! I would fain
die a dry death.


  1. I like this painting! I think I like it so much because it really encompasses the Tempest. In your other drawings they've depicted objects and scenes. However, I feel that this focuses more on the feeling of the storm. You could have drawn a bunch of dark clouds and a ship about to be blown over, but this, I believe, is more of what the Tempest is about - Prospero playing with the people's feelings.

  2. Thanks. I really enjoyed making this one, and I really like your insight on it showing the crazy story of Prospero making a mess of peoples feelings. Thats cool.